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Box for household chemicals

Convenient and safe use of chemicals – the main criterion of proper consumer packaging for household chemicals and cleaning. When buying in store various kinds of chemicals for home, buyers pay close attention to safe packaging of such good.

This is really important due to presence of children and domestic animals as it obliges to ensure the safety of the means used. Improper use and storage poses a serious risk to humans and the environment, our experienced specialists will make packaging with all the important nuances pertaining to household chemicals.

Box for pastry

Confectionery is in need of reliable and attractive packaging that will protect it from damage, dust or water, and makes the cake a wonderful gift for any celebration. Our experts offer self assembling box with a handle – it is the most suitable option for packing of tasty and original cakes.

Box for liquors

Looking for a gift for a man, the choice is often stops on elite alcohol products. When it comes to choosing such present, type of packaging is not less important than tastes of quality. Packaging for vodka or cognac should ideally fit the style and color combination of bottle itself and be very durable. Our team of professionals will help You to choose the best option.

Box for toys

Bright and colorful packaging – is the first thing that draws attention of a child, receiving a gift. Quality made box is not only pleasing to the eye, but also creates a special feeling, familiar to many of us from childhood: impatience to open the package.

Certainly, attractive design – is not the only requirement for carton boxes for toys. Packaging must retain its shape even when careless storage, reliably protect the content and be easily opened by a small child. It is important to make sure that the box does not have acute angles and other elements that can cause injury. Our company will take into account all the nuances carefully and develop a high-quality package that corresponds to your requirements.

Box for medicinal products

Pharmaceutical packaging production is strictly regulated to the appearance, technical characteristics, brand and quality of the materials, which are registered for the authenticity of the guarantees in the Ministry of Health, as well as takes into account the special requirements of pharmaceutical industries for further use of the packaging. For example, this is to provide stable inner packaging parameters that affect the collection of packs and their content for a pharmaceutical production line at a certain speed.

Professional tradition and accumulated experience allow us to guarantee our Customers the strict observance of the agreed quality parameters and provide within cooperation framework consulting services for the production of pharmaceutical packaging technology. High-quality packaging is the key to the success of your products in the market, our company, in turn, guarantees the best quality in the shortest possible time production.

Boxes for fast food

What package should be for hot and delicious pizza? First of all – strong, as pizza does not fall out while carrying and hermetically packed, as food remains in right temperature for several hours.

Corrugated box for pizza, thanks to its double front wall, does not slip out of the hands of the buyer and securely retain the type of products in transporting.

For such dishes as pizza, it is important not only tastes quality, but also the temperature. Sealed packaging of microcorrugated carton, in which pizza delivery is carried out, will not let the hot steam out and, thus, the dish does not get cold quickly and delight with its taste even the most capricious gourmets.


Many customers prefer to store bought shoes in their original packaging. In fact, there are many reasons – box protects shoes from dirtiness, premature aging and fading. Despite its apparent simplicity, high-quality packaging must satisfy a number of requirements.

As a material for the box, it is recommended to use thick carton, capable of maintaining a good shape and resistant to chemicals used for shoe care. Water resistance is of great importance: there is nothing worse than packing becomes worthless after few drops of water, left after washing the shoes. Do not forget about the proper preservation of presentable view of packaging.

If you need packaging for the shoes, which is not only excellent protection for footwear during storage, but emphasizes the dignity of the goods, then we recommend that you use the services of our specialists. They will select the appropriate material and create a package, designed in a corporate style of your brand.

Box for household appliances

The box with the “ears” – the most demanded type of packaging. Lightness and safety in transporting and storage will provide to your products strong and solid protection.

We develop a sustainable form of packaging that will keep your products an unrivaled appearance, provide perfect protection against mechanical damage, chipping, scratching and prevent deformation of the technology, as well as eliminates its spontaneous self opening.

Box for parfume

Carton packaging for perfume (eau de toilette or perfume) must meet certain requirements. First of all, the box should have a attractive appearance to draw the attention of potential buyers. And, of course, stylish and original perfume packaging provides recognition of products among many products of the same category. Modern technology and equipment allow to produce packaging of various shapes, and for decoration, to use various methods for creating decorative effects. In addition, the packaging must protect the product against external influences and mechanical damage. Our company has in its arsenal a full range of printing services and helps to make the perfect packaging for Your products.

Box for electrical appliances

Reliable packaging that protects goods from damaging during transportation and storage, is especially important for industrial products. In addition, the packaging box electrical appliances – this opportunity is to demonstrate the product to customers by creating for products attractive and presentable appearance. In the manufacture of packing, special attention is paid to sturdiness and reliability of carton and the structure itself. As a rule, there are special separators provided inside to prevent damage. The rich experience of our company and the work of highly qualified specialists allow to produce packaging that meets all quality standards.