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About company anis

We – the company «Anis Poligraf» – have been working successfully in the market for over 15 years. We – the specialists in the production of carton and corrugated packaging of high quality at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time!

Our packaging product is used for the needs of food, confectionery, furniture, alcohol, chemical, instrument-making and many other industries.
Please note: we produce the packaging in our own production site, which means pricing in our case – is minimal.

We produce high quality packaging made of corrugated carton. Our packaging, made of corrugated carton, does not only reliably protect your products during transporting and storage in warehouses, but also beneficially presents the goods to consumers on the shelves.

Throughout the entire life cycle of packaging, from the origin of the raw materials to delivery of products to the factory or the shop, the staff of «Anis Poligraf» guarantees maximum compliance with the principles of sustainable development. You do not need to worry about it.

We strive to meet high quality standards and provide comprehensive packaging solutions. In our view, this means not only the ability to supply all kinds of products, but also providing all the necessary services and information, assistance in choosing available products and technologies.
Call or write to us: we are open for cooperation!

We design and manufacture boxes only on our equipment. This allows us to significantly reduce the price of our products and more thoroughly control the entire process of creating the original packaging.

Our company closely monitors trends in the world of materials used for packaging, and as a result, we use only raw material that is easy to use, corresponds to all environmental and economic requirements, and does not contradict to design ideas.

To date, preferred materials in our production are micro corrugated carton and packaging carton (chromium-ersatz). Production of boxes from these materials makes the packaging reliable, light, attractive and, most importantly, financially beneficial for us and for our customers.

Only highly qualified specialists work with us and for you. They are not afraid of bold decisions and complex tasks, and they with pleasure turn into reality the ideas and wishes of the customer.

The quality and design is very vital for us since the packaging, manufactured by us, is the face of your product and an example of our work. Thanks to the flexible price policy of Ltd. «Anis Pro Product», our customers remain satisfied with not only the quality, but also the cost of packaging products.

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